Vis-I-Rack High Capacity Blueprint Storage Type IV Wall Rack


Excellent solution for document storage when floor space is limited! You can mount one or two of these on your wall above your desk, printer, etc. This model contains -6- 8″ bins. You can use these large bins for either large sets of plans or a larger quantity of smaller sets of plans. These are also a great way to get rolls of plotter paper up off the floor where they could fall over and break someone’s foot! If your plans are less than 24″x Length simply request our wall brackets that are less wide than our regular size (19″)to accommodate them. We offer 6″, 9″, and 12″ brackets at no extra charge. The 6″ and 9″ brackets are small enough that in addition to your 1/2 size sets of plans you can place specification books in your bins-a real plus! When you place your order simply add a note in the special instructions section requesting smaller brackets and specify the size you would like. Vis-i-Rack Plan Racks are Patented under U. S Patent #D557,543 S

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