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Which of these products are available for shipping now?

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Which product would work best for me? (can you help me choose?)

Our best selling Plan Rack is the MRWH (Mobile Rack) It’s versatile as you can move it around or even take it to a jobsite. You can mix sizes of Plan Clamps however you want (can take clamp sizes 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 42”).

If you want to save a few dollars and don’t need to move the rack to different locations you can go with the Pivot Wall Rack (Model WRWH). It’s basically the same as our best seller (MRWH) but without the wheels. It does everything the Mobile Rack does except move.

I don’t recommend the Mobile Plan Center (MVPC) unless you need that specific model. You can’t mix plan clamp sizes, and you have to fish each set of plans out of the top of the rack (and replace those sets of plans from the top as well). It’s unwieldy although suits some needs.

The Vis-i-Rack is excellent for storing rolled plans. Each full size rack can hold up to 960 lbs. and you can view the job name/title block  as it faces front. You can store active vs passive projects at the same time. If you don’t have a lot of wall space you can create a “Plan Island” by having two units bolted together back-to-back in the middle of your office or other room. If you only have wall space above furniture you can select a VRW-85 or VRW-46 Wall Rack and mount it to your wall leaving floor space for other things. If the wall rack is too tall (at 44”) you can simply cut it down to whatever size you want using a hack saw and replacing the end caps.

Can I put different size plans on the same rack?

Yes, boxes of clamps are sold with 6 clamps per box, and a rack holds 12 (for the very purpose that oftentimes customers use more than one size of plans).

The only exception is the Mobile Plan Center where the same size clamps have to be used because the span between the horizontal bars does not change.

How do I know what size clamps to buy?

Lay your set of plans down on a desk. Measure the left edge (typically bound, stapled, or both). In almost all cases that’s the edge that determines the clamp size.

How many plans can I put on one clamp/rack?

Clamps can hold 100 pages of normal thickness paper.

How fast is your shipping and how far can you ship something?

We typically ship same day for orders we receive in the morning, or next day for orders received after 12:00. We ship internationally; however, that requires more time to process customs paperwork. UPS handles 95% of our brokerage services and is very reasonable and efficient.

My plan is a particular (odd) size. What rack do I get?

We recommend calling us to discuss your particular needs. We can even help design your document storage needs.

Do I need any special anchoring system to attach a rack to the wall?

Every wall rack includes anchoring fasteners. For special applications we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your attachment needs.

Testimonials from Vis-i-Rack Plan Rack Purchasers

“As you recall, we purchased 13 plan racks from you. Our company is growing and we will be moving into a new space in a few months and will be ordering more for our managers. Vis-i-Rack Plan Racks have greatly helped our estimators and project managers. They make it VERY simple to find what you are looking for when you need it.”

George Ford, Senior Project Manager
Gwinnett Fire Sprinkler Company
Grayson, GA

“Our Vis-i-Rack Plan Racks are Awesome!”

“They definitely save me a lot of space AND keep my plans organized!”

Brad Downs, President
Criterion Design Solutions, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ

“We purchased racks from Interactive on at least three occasions. We now have more than 10 in our office. This is the best organizational tool for plans we have ever used!”

Mark Koehler, Project Manager
Merit Construction
Atlanta, GA.

We love our Vis-i-Rack!  Our plans are stored neatly now and they are easy to access.

The assembly was easy. I definitely would recommend them to others.

Everything about the whole buying experience was fabulous.

Danielle Willenborg
Temecula, California

“We are very pleased with the racks and the minimal space they use. We have received several positive comments on our racks and referred them to your website. It is the single best improvement we made to organize our office!”

Eric M. VanAlstyne C.E.T.
Division Manager
Atlantic Testing Laboratories
Clifton Park, NY

“We highly recommend your Plan Rack! We are very happy with it and you were a pleasure to deal with.”

Isaac Richter
Nationwide Postal Company

“Our Vis-i-Racks are working great for us, and would highly recommend this product!”

Jeannine Stone
Facilities Administrator
Tri-Tech Surveying Company, L.P.
Houston, Texas

“Our plan rack is proving to be a HUGE help”

Kelly Blevins, Administration Manager
Commercial Services Building

“We love our Vis-i-Racks!”

“All of our subs are asking about our plan racks”. “Please send us business cards!”

 Connie Saunders,
Custom Builders, Inc.
Alpharetta, GA.

“I am very pleased with your plan rack.  Installed easily and works great.” 

Thanks again.
Michael Sandeen
Mercury Performance Plumbing, Inc

“We use our rack to store all of our plotter rolls next to the plotter; it has cleaned up the printing space dramatically”

 Paul Mentink,Vice President
 Abacus Architects, Inc.


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