Vis-I-Rack High Capacity Blueprint Storage Type I


This type is our best selling model! It accommodates large, medium, and small sets of plans! Large bins are excellent for either rolls of plotter paper, large sets of plans, or multiple sets of small to medium sized plans. Often customers use the larger (lower) bins for passive projects and put active projects in the upper sections! Note: if you lack wall space it’s a great idea (since these full size racks are floor mounted) to bolt two racks back-to-back to create a “plan island”, especially where multiple managers access the same sets of plans. These High Capacity Plan Racks are the FIRST in the industry to take advantage of vertical wall space! The Details: Welded Steel Construction
 Powder Coated Finish for Durability
 22” wide vertical rails x 84” tall 
Total projection off rear wall is 11” 
Lower Section Rungs: 8” o.c. (=5 large bins) 
Upper Section Rungs: -4- 6″ bins and -4- 4”bins 
PDF Drawing (requires Adobe Acrobat to view)