Auto Rack


AutoRack for Cars and Trucks! This flexible Plan Rack is created to provide vertical plan storage for vehicles in motion! They are available in Thick Textured ABS Plastic (Black) or Aluminum (approx 18″ wide x 24″ tall). Please advise which model you prefer. If you do not specify a type one will be provided by the seller. Mounts on back side of driver or passenger seat. Main body of rack is suspended by head rest posts (or by actual head rest if posts are not available). Hugs rear of seat with flexible binding straps. Rack can be removed and re-installed in under 30 seconds and carried to jobsites or offices (has an integrated hand-hold for easy carrying). This product is new and has no equal in the marketplace. We’ve been asked for over six years to come up with a product that will help our customers organize plans in their vehicles. All AutoRacks include 5 year Warranty which will cover anything but customer abuse. Request additional photos if desired, we will send them to you! Free